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Single Player Bingo


Golden Ticket

Cash & Carry Bingo

14-18 on Mondays!

Golden Ticket

Aulis Classic ‘75

Wednesdays 14-18!

Golden Ticket

Bingo Variant

14-19 on Sundays!

Chat hosts and offers – in Estonian only

Join the chat hosts in our bingo rooms to take advantage of great offers and take part in fun competitions with plenty of chances to win! Conversations with storytellers are a lot of fun.

Below you can find out when they will be joining the games and what this week's bingo offers are. Have fun!

09:00–13:00 ja 19:00–22:00 hosted by Marie
14:00–18:00 hosted by Diana
09:00–13:00 hosted by Marie
19:00–22:00 hosted by Diana
09:00–13:00 hosted by Diana
18:00–22:00 hosted by Marie
19:00–22:00 hosted by Diana
09:00–13:00 hosted by Marie
19:00–22:00 hosted by Diana
09:00–13:00 ja 19:00–22:00 hosted by Marie
14:00–18:00 Jhosted by Diana


Bingo online with fun and social chat

At paf.ee you will find bingo games that are both easy and fun to play. Here you can relax and have fun at the same time as you have the chance to win really big prizes. Here at Paf, you can also chat with our chat hosts or other players while you play bingo online.


We at Paf have the best bingo jackpots on the market, giving you the chance to win big sums of money. Best of all, we offer several different types of bingo games, so you can find the one that suits you.

Own bingo games

Our bingo games are created by Paf and you will only find them with us. This ensures that the winnings only go to you or someone else playing at Paf.

Various bingo games

We have various Variant bingo games where you play on a 75-number tile with numbers randomly placed in the squares. These games are Bingo Variant, Lars-Åkes Classic, Paf Bingo and Bingo Carnival. One of the most popular Variant bingo is Aulis Classic where a ticket costs only €0.50.

Variant bingo

Bingo Variant is a game with more than one jackpot and is among the highest we offer. The largest jackpot has a starting value of EUR 50,000. Which you can win if you get a full grid within 45 numbers drawn. The next jackpot has a starting value of EUR 10,000 and is available within 46-47 numbers. The final jackpot has a starting value of 1,250 and is obtained within 48-52 draws.

Splash Jackpot

The best thing about Bingo Variant is that if you don't win the jackpot when you play bingo online You can still win. Yes, then there is also a Splash Jackpot that expires at the same time as any of the above jackpots. The Splash Jackpot is split between all losing bingo tiles. Its starting value is EUR 250.

90-ball bingo

Our selection also includes a 90-number bingo game called Cash & Carry Bingo where a tile only costs €0.10. Cash & Carry is also available as a slot and scratch card.

Special game

We also have various special games in our bingo rooms. Golden Ticket is our most popular bingo game that runs in different rooms and at different times. If you win on a Golden Ticket tile, you win a double row win. If there are several winners in the same row, the winnings are split first and then your share is doubled. Guaranteed pots are line wins that are guaranteed to come out regardless of how few tiles we have in the game.

Play by yourself

If you feel like just playing by yourself, we have a Classic bingo that is played on a 25-number grid. The game is called Triple Bingo. Here you have the chance to win EUR 3,330 with a maximum bet of EUR 10. You choose the speed of the ball draw yourself. Play whenever you want!

Chat with the hosts

You can also chat with our chat hosts regarding questions about the game or have fun discussions. Chat with each other too, it's so much more fun together.Come and experience how easy and fun it can be to play bingo online already today. We welcome you to our community and hope you will have a great time with us!