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Available 31 days, until

Hot Bingo Summer!

Extra chances to win every day - for 6 weeks.


Duo Jackpots - Aulis Classic
If you sweep a full grid between 55 and 57 calls, you're not leaving empty-handed. Two extra jackpot in the game!

Golden Ticket - Bingo Beats
Start your afternoon with our Bingo Beats session, offering Golden Ticket where you can win double row wins!

1 ToGo - Bingo Variant
Extra prizes are up for grabs! The game rewards players who are just one number short for a full grid.

Don't Miss Out! See You Tomorrow for Another Day of Fun and Prizes!

Terms and Conditions
  • Golden Ticket
    When you buy regular tickets in the game, one or more of your tickets can turn out to be golden tickets. When you win on a Golden Ticket, your row win gets doubled!
  • Guaranteed pots
    A guaranteed pot in the game means that regardless of how many players there are, there will always be a guaranteed pot (as long as the minimum amount of players are in the game). And the more players there are, the more is added on top of the guaranteed pot!
  • 1ToGo
    It means that players who were one ball away from getting bingo when the game ended share a special pot.
  • Extra pot
    An extra pot is added to the full square bingo
  • Paf reserves the right to change or cancel Hot Bingo Schedule at any time.